Personal Information

Name Anders Hasselqvist
Birth date June 17, 1978
Nationality Swedish
City Kokubunji, Tokyo
Mobile 090-3435-7696

Employment Objective


Aug 1998 - Jan 2004 Degree of Master of Science in Engineering with a Major in Electronics, University of Umeå. Master thesis “Obigo C-Line test tool”: Investigated and implemented an automated test environment for the Obigo C-Line MMS product. Completion date 2006 Degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering with a Major in Computer Engineering, University of Umeå
Jun 1997 – Mar 1998 Military Service
Aug 1994 – Jun 1997 Torsbergsskolans Gymnasium, Bollnäs Upper secondary school, nature science program

Work experience

Jul 2007 – Jul 2009

Picsel Technologies, Tokyo, Japan

Software Engineer

Working mostly with handling customer reported issues and porting of various Picsel products to different platforms like Brew 4 (KCP), MOAPS/Symbian and Linux. Tasks also included preparing customer deliveries. Worked with bug fixing for the N906i (NEC/DOCOMO) model of the Picsel Browser. Partly with bugs in the Javascript to DOM reflection layer.

Recent work includes porting the Picsel Document viewer to Android using a JNI bridge to interface between the Java application and the native Picsel library. Responsible for supporting customers of Picsel’s Android offerings.

Jan 2007 – Jun 2007

Teleca Japan Ltd, Tokyo, Japan

Senior Software Engineer

Internal education of the Teleca Obigo architecture. Worked with adapting the Teleca Obigo Browser for Docomo i-Mode

Feb 2004 – Dec 2006

Obigo AB / Teleca Software Solutions AB, Umeå, Sweden

Software Engineer

Product development of messaging solutions for mobile phones. UI Widget development for Obigo Software Suite integration layer. Main work in ANSI C for embedded targets.

Worked on site in Japan for a mobile phone project with Toshiba and Vodafone KK as customers. Total time 7 months during Feb 2005 – March 2006. Work consisted of product development, integration, customization and troubleshooting. My effort and commitment was highly appreciated by Toshiba engineers.

Jun 2001 – Aug 2003

Skanova, Umeå, Sweden

Technical support, maintenance and daily operation of ADSL DSLAM’s and Unix servers. Worked extra on holidays and vacations during University studies.

Jun 1999 – Dec 1999

Clinitrac AB, Alfta, Sweden

Clinitrac developed tools for conducting clinical trails involving patient self-assessment

Fault traced a rarely occurring hardware defect in their custom made hardware. Performed On-site upgrade of Clinitrac software at clinics in the Netherlands for a clinical trial. Responsible for developing a web site for Clinitrac using DHTML. Work mostly performed during evenings and weekends.

Skills and experience

Programming languages C, C++, Objective-C, Python, Java
Operating Systems and environments Android, Brew 3&4 including KCP, Symbian S60, MOAP-S, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OSX for the desktop and iPhone
CPU x86, ARM, Atmel AVR, Motorola HC11 and 68k, Axis Etrax (cris)
Debugging gdb, Sophia Systems EJ-Debug (ARM) / Watchpoint, Atmel AVR Studio (JTAG), Wireshark (Ethereal)
Test jUnit (Java), QMTest
Version control Git, Clearcase, Subversion, CVS, Visual Source Safe, PVCS
Development tools Visual Studio 6, Visual Studio 2003-2005, GCC, Apple XCode, Nokia Carbide, java ant and make
Linux Personal experience since 2000 for Desktop usage. Kernel driver development for Linux 2.4.x
Open Source ICQ protocol patches for Gaim (now, Sim-im and AdiumX instant messaging clients MacOSX patches for

Special skills and activities

Languages Swedish: native speaker; English: fluent; Japanese: basic
Driving license
  • Swedish Grade/Class B, valid for cars
  • Japanese license valid for standard cars
Umubike project February 2003
On assignment by Umeå University, Faculty of science and Technology, part of a team to develop simulator used for student recruitment. Using a real bicycle connected to a computer you travel on campus to find information. The team consisting of 3 students made a proposal to take over the project after a consultant company failed to deliver according to the specification.
Research prototype design February 2002 – December 2002

Designed software and electronics for Ph.D students Andreas Lund’s and Daniel Fällman’s research on human-computer interaction.

- An optical navigation device for use with a PDA
The ABB Mobile service technician
- A context sensitive tool to assist technicians during daily work
Reality Helmet
- A device that interchanges sound and vision to test human perception

More information:

Linux Kernel Module August 2002
On assignment by Umeå University, Department of Applied Physics and Electronics a Linux kernel module (driver) for Linux 2.4 was developed for a VS1001k mp3-decoder using an Axis Etrax development board. The purpose was to demonstrate network streaming of sound to a portable target. The player was controlled by a Java applet running in a web browser.
Tutor at University classes February 2002 – April 2002
Umeå University, Department of Applied Physics and Electronics
- Device Drivers for Windows
- Real time systems
- Microcomputer engineering