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Version history

CVS (detailed) news


  • Messages available when starting the gui was never removed when read
  • Autoaway toggled status a bit to often
  • Licq addable from GNOME applet manu and should stay in panel between sessions
  • Documentation updated
  • Better updating of the contact list
  • Many many other bugfixes and other enhancements (see CVS news for details)


  • Options dialog fixed. (One should never ever just fix a silly thing for a release)


  • Event window splitted into send window, view window, info window and history win dow
  • New registration wizard
  • New search dialog
  • Search dialog and registration wizard now uses druids (GNOME)
  • Better gnome integration (usage of internal browsers etc.)
  • Support for sending/receiving color messages
  • Support for SSL
  • Spellchecking support for outgoing messages
  • Floating users
  • Many bugfixes (and many new bugs ;)
  • Many small improvements and features


  • Resize support for panel applet
  • Blinking icons (optional)
  • Autopopupping messages autopopups if unread after dialog closes
  • Some minor fixes...


  • Code stabilized
  • Many new options, such as: Only autopopup when online, single user clicking, auto-raising of main window, let wm place the windows.
  • Many bugs fixed
  • Sending of contacts
  • Basicly a release before we start doing major changes to the code


  • Support for versions prior to Licq v0.80 dropped
  • Optional message when granting/refusing authorization
  • Multi-message support
  • Support for splitting/truncating long messages on send thru server
  • Send to contactlist if user is in dnd/occupied mode
  • More configuration options (such as contact list sorting, group menu optional, highlighting of active user, automessage popup, online notify on login).
  • Quote-reply to messages
  • Changing contacts info fixed
  • Better handling of system events, simple add when added to contactlist, simple adding when receiving contacts etc.
  • Many bugfixes, many new bugs
  • Shortkey improvements
  • International support (translators needed)
  • And much more...