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Download - Source


Compilation has been verified under Solaris 2.6, Linux (debian slink), Irix 6.5 and Aix 4.3.2 (using g++, not xlC).

Download - Packages

Redhat 7: Since redhat 7 isn't compatible with anything, we cant provide redhat packages and guarantee them to work. We therefor recommend you to search official redhat mirrors and hope for luck.

Appearantly someone has put up a few redhet 7.0 packages here, they are untested as well as unsupported by us. But people say they are wokring.

Redhat 6 (Updated 2001-01-18): To install the Redhat 6 packages you need licq-base-1.0.2-1.i386.rpm.
After you have this installed you just install gtk+licq-base-0.50.1-2.i386.rpm and one or both of the GUI rpms (gtk+licq-0.50.1-2.i386.rpm or gtk+licq-nognome-0.50.1-2.i386.rpm). To install those packages, you need rpm >= 3.0.5

Debian and Mandrake packages are included in the respective distributions.

Mandrake (cooker) binary  src

Mandrake 7.2 We dont have packages made just for Mandrake 7.2. But the Redhat 6 rpms should work fine.

Debian (Woody) binary

And remember that all problems related to rpm packages provided by us should be reported to Geoffrey Lee


Every night (at 03:00 GMT+1) we check out the source from the CVS and make a daily snapshot, this since we cannot allow anonymous CVS access on our systems.

This source should compile with the latest Licq CVS versions. If it doesn't there is no need to report compilation errors related to the licq source, compilation will be fixed as soon as we get the time.

The point in providing the snapshots are for us to get feedback from the users, so everything that doesn't work should be reported to us so it can be fixed.