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What is Gtk+LICQ?

Gtk+Licq is a fully featured gui-plugin for Licq. It started out as almost identical to the Qt-gui with a few extensions, but today we have evolved and are not just a QT-gui clone. The goal for this project was to create a usable gtk-gui for Licq, then enhance it.

Remember that it's in a developer stage, so don't get to mad if there are some bugs, please just quietly mail bug reports to And you can send complaints about non working packages directly to the package maintainer (see Contacts for e-mail).

We have tried to get the good parts out of other gui's reducing button presses and ease the daily use of Licq.

If you are looking for Jon's GTK+ GUI for Licq you really should be looking here instead. Jon's GUI is in no way related to ours.


The reason we made the Gtk-licq plugin is that we were tired of waiting for someone else to do it. We noticed a numerous of projects but no success.

And the reason to have a gtk plugin instead of QT is more of a religious question, we just like Gtk+ better.