The files for Linux users: unofficial_maps.tgz unofficial_archs.tgz
The files for Windows users:
Previews: Uratoria Ypptal High Walls and Bridges
The Unofficial Daimonin Map Repository

0.8 -- 08 feb 2004, codename "scripteroo"

This map repository has several functions:
1. Playtesting before adding maps to the official game
2. Get your early version up for feedback and comments
3. View other maps and get ideas and inspiration
4. A few minutes (hours soon?) of fun gameplay.

Try it out, and then contribute your own maps.

/Björn Axelsson 
 (replace "-at-" with "@", and remove ".nospam")

About the Repository
There is no fancy website or anything, but the files are here and we'll see how 
everything works out. Please send me any questions, ideas or corrections you might have.

Using these maps requires that you are running your own daimonin server. There are plenty
of instructions for that in the forums on

For Windows: get the two zip files and unzip them into your daimonin folder 
(the one where all your other maps and archs are).

For Linux: get the tarballs, go to the daimonin folder and do
tar zxf unofficial_maps.tgz
tar zxf unofficial_archs.tgz

To make any new arches available for the server and for the editor, you need to
follow the steps documented here:;f=5;t=14

If there already isn't an exit leading to the unofficial map lobby from the main testmap, 
add one with the editor. Make sure the exit path is "/unofficial/lobby".

Now play, explore and have fun.

So you want to share your (possibly unfinished) maps with the world? Piece of cake:

If you don't know how to make maps: read about it on the Daimoin homepages, download the 
editor and read the help files.

- Make sure they follow the same directory structure as the maps already in the archive
  (i.e. all your maps should be under the folder "/unofficial//")
- All your maps should have your name and contact info in the text field 
  (Map->Map Properties->Map Text in the editor)
  I will not accept maps with incomplete info.

- Create your own lobby with exits to all your maps. Add some descriptions so that we
  know what we are going into. (See the examples).
- Make sure your lobby filename is  "/unofficial//lobby"

Zip everything up and mail it to me at the address above. 

By sending me maps you agree to let me publish them on the website. You can withdraw
your permission at any time and I will remove your maps from the repository. I will not be
held responsible for anything anybody else do with your maps (but I will only accept 
updates from the original contributor).

If you do any changes, just send me the changed files and I'll update the repository.

Mailing List / IRC
ML coming soon...

In the meantime, join us on IRC:
server :
port   : 6667                                                                                    
channel: #daimonin

What's new in version ...?
0.8 -- 20 feb 2004, codename "scripteroo"
  - Updated all python scripts for the upcoming beta 2 script system.

0.7 -- 08 feb 2004, codename "gazillionoftiles"
  - Finished the bridge and highwall tilesets. Added some knot tiles.

0.6 -- 03 feb 2004, codename "moreztuff"
  - Redesigned the bridge arches and fixed some details in highwalls testmap.
  - Gramlath added the shrine in Ypptal.

0.5 -- 25 jan 2004, codename "evenmore"
  - Gramlath added parts of the ruin city Ypptal to the maps
  - I added a preview directory with map screenshots.
  - Did some more work on the highwalls archset

0.4 -- 25 jan 2004 ("minorupdate")
  - Even more are of Uratoria modeled
  - Some minor updates, fixes and additions to Gecko's maps

0.3 -- 23 jan 2004 ("lotsamaps")
  - Got more maps from Gramlath
  - Added own map testing idea with patrollable city walls.
0.2 -- 22 jan 2004 ("firstcontrib")
  - added maps from Gramlath and link to arch instructions.
0.1 -- 18 jan 2004 ("iamtired")
  - first release. Only a couple of my own maps.

The following nice people have contributed their maps so far:

Bjorn Axelsson  (gecko)   
 - Some random testing stuff and a small quest
   (requires CVS or beta 2 server)
Brian Angeletti  (Gramlath)
 - The beginnings of the great empire of Uratoria

[OK its pathetically few, so _please_ send your maps in ASAP. Please?]