Sound of Silence

Captain's log, stardate 20131121.


Man, it's silent in here.

Actually, scratch that. That's the steady droning from the ventilation I'm hearing. And that faint slamming is probably someone cooking a late-night dinner out in the kitchen. My flatmates are weird that way, they dine at 10-11 PM.

On the other hand, I'm the one who's been working fourteen-hour days for the past few weeks now. I guess they think I'm a little weird too. The German guy two doors down says he barely sees me around anymore.


Captain's log, stardate 20131114.

The temporal distance between my journal entries are increasing steadily. This time, (never being short on excuses) I attribute it to a full schedule.


Captain's log, stardate 20131027.

The last two weeks has been awful. Absolutely awful. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Instead, here's what the immediate future looks like:

  • Exam coming up on November 5'th. This would demand 100% of my attention, except...
  • ... I need to mark assignments this week, starting tomorrow. That could probably be done swiftly, if it weren't for...
  • ... The workout. Can't skimp on this anymore, those weights aren't going to lift themselves.
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