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Polysix Specifications

Owners Manual in PDF-format
Patch sheets in PDF-format

Service Manual:
Service Ensemble.pdf at Old Crows site

P6 portamento
P6 Unison Detune
P6 as effectunit
P6 filermod by osc
P6 FX-adjustments
P6 non rechargeable battery?
P6 non rechargeable battery part II
Various P6-mods
FX-send/voice board out mod
MG specifications
Datadump specifications
MG - part 2
VCF-extrenal input

Battery problems:
Good support page by C.S. Rider
P6 battery-leakage
P6 battery-leakage part 2
P6 batteries (advice)
P6 batteries

MIDIng 'er up:
CHD Electroservice MIDI kit for the Polysix
Virtual Music used to make a Polysix-kit, mail them for info
IOtech site
A worddocument on a simple MIDIfication by C.S.Rider
The document above, but in plain ASC-II
The schematic connected to the document above

Poly6 Patch Manager v 1.6 by JH

WAV-file Polysix tapedump by Kristofer Ulfves
P6-file for the Poly6 Patch manager
Description of the sounds above
RealMedia file Listen the sounds described above

P6 patches
P6 factory-patches (link)
How to load the patches

Arpegiator mods & questions:
P6 arp-triggering
Positive to negative pulse triggconverter

Current cunsumption
Spare keys?
Keyboard cleaning
Different Problems
P6 PCB KLM-367 boardtext
P6 PCB KLM-367 boardlink
P6 random notes
P6 links (text)
P6 SSM2056 env-gen
Did you know?

Virtual Music
Resonant Frequencies
Old Crow
Spider Room Labs
Detailed discription
Some sounds
Korg corporate history
Robert L's page

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