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Load Average of the hosts at ACC
amenhotep-graf amenhotep
applelisa-graf applelisa
brokdorf-graf brokdorf
caesar-graf caesar
centralkalkylator-graf centralkalkylator
colossus-graf colossus
commodore64-graf commodore64
ebola-graf ebola
echelon-graf echelon
gandhi-graf gandhi
gemmei-graf gemmei
gensho-graf gensho
h5n1-graf h5n1
hammurabi-graf hammurabi
hirohito-graf hirohito
kashgar-graf kashgar
kolera-graf kolera
lenin-graf lenin
lepra-graf lepra
mao-graf mao
montezuma-graf montezuma
napoleon-graf napoleon
nasse-graf nasse
nixon-graf nixon
pagan-graf pagan
poincare-graf poincare
saimei-graf saimei
samarkand-graf samarkand
shaka-graf shaka
smittkoppor-graf smittkoppor
stalin-graf stalin
suiko-graf suiko
taichang-graf taichang
terbil-graf terbil

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