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Mattith, Mycket Annorlunda Traktor TemperaturInkoppling Till Hallen (Very Different Tractor Temperature Connection To the Machine room)

During the course electric measurements fall 1997 three maniacs (Magnus Jonsson, Niklas Edmundsson och Tomas Ögren) to instead of writing a boring repport create something usefull.

The result was a temperature logger that talks rs232 with an old Sun (traktor2, now exchanged against vasa (old IBM RS/6000)). The whole thing is build of 2 A/D-converters, one Motorola HC11 and a lots of nonlinear resistors.

That solution was replaced with a system using Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire DS18S20 sensors connected to the serial port of a couple of computers.

Niklas and Tomas refined that system on the course 'Inbyggda System' and now all sensors are hooked up to a little thing called Mattith Data Collector which consists of an Atmel AVR8515, 32kB SRAM and battery backup. This setup will continue measuring the temperature up to about a day even if the computer or the power fails.

Sensor readings can be found on Mattith Website.

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