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Shaka became an Sun Ultra 1/170 and churchill took the CPU's and memory from the old shaka.
Photographers: Helena Lindblom, Tomas Ögren, Niklas Edmundsson
DSC01168 - The mainboard from old shaka...
DSC01169 - Look at the hole.
DSC01170 - Stric taking out the be network card from shaka
DSC01171 - Putting the be card into montezuma and the hme card into the new shaka (since the be card isn't supported (that well) in solaris 8).
DSC01172 DSC01173 - Putting the hme card into old shaka, to be taken out a few minutes later.
DSC01174 DSC01175 DSC01176 - Put the mainboard back in montezuma
DSC01177 - Pushing montezuma back into its position
DSC01178 - I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll push your 670MP away! (stric)
DSC01179 - Taking the cgsix graphics card out, not needed on a server.
DSC01180 - Nice box..
DSC01181 - Fitting the hme network card in..
DSC01182 - *poke*
DSC01183 DSC01184 DSC01185 - Nikke trying to get some screws out of a box..
DSC01186 - Fitting the lid
DSC01187 DSC01188 DSC01189 DSC01190 - Settled at its new position...
DSC01191 - The old shaka was larger.
DSC01192 - Stuff some cables in...
DSC01193 DSC01194 - Mm.. memory simms...
DSC01195 DSC01196 - Mainboard from old shaka.
DSC01197 DSC01198 DSC01199 DSC01200 - Mainboard of churchill. Different cpu's.
DSC01201 DSC01202 - Swapping cpu's
DSC01203 - 40MHz powah!
DSC01204 - Mm.. simms..
DSC01205 - The new cpu's (SM61) in churchill.
DSC01206 DSC01207 - The mainboard hole in churchill's VME card cage
DSC01208 DSC01209 - FC-AL card...
DSC01210 - Fast ethernet and Fast Wide SCSI...
DSC01211 - Fast ethernet and Fast Wide SCSI...
DSC01212 DSC01213 DSC01214 - How to jumper and position cards in the 690MP card cage.
DSC01215 - Putting the mainboard back into churchill

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